Lunchbox Ideas For The Week

Hello friends, school has finally started!  It was a short week but it was also really busy.  I made a couple ladybug rice balls for the first lunchbox. You can check out the step by step tutorial here ( link). My favorite food in the lunchbox were the grapes that I bought from an asian wholesale store. They were so sweet and tasty.  I think the name is Kyoho grapes. OMG, they are the best…

My daughter really loves kitties, so I made her 2 kitties in a “bed” (cheese salami sandwich) for the second. If you want to know how I made it, you can comment below and I can make a tutorial.The last food art lunchbox idea is just a simple star shaped strawberry jam sandwich. I made this because I was running out of ideas, haha.

Here are the lunchboxes that I packed for my daughter and food art information. I hope you like the ideas .

1. The ladybug lunchbox

🐞Green salad with roasted sesame salad dressing
🐞Ladybug rice balls
🐞Cream cheese bread cubes
🐞Hardboiled egg
🐞Snack: Ritz Cheese Bits sandwich crackers

🐞Ladybug rice balls ingredients

Main ingredients: rice + red beet powder + seaweed paper + cheese
The body: rice + red beet powder
The head : seaweed paper
The eyes : cheese + seaweed paper
The dots and the wing line: seaweed paper

2. The Kitties Lunchbox

 🐱Cheese & salami sandwich
 🐱Cherry tomatoes & carrots with yogurt dip
 🐱Yogurt drink
 🐱Apple cinnamon granola bar
 🐱Chocolate chip cookies
🐱 Fruit: blueberries & blackberries & mango
 🐱Lemon water

🐱Kitties cheese & salami sandwich ingredients :

Main ingredients: Bread + Cheese + Salami + Butter
Decorating Ingredients:
The kitties: Seaweed paper + Cheese + Mayo (“glue”)
The blanket:Bread + Seaweed paper + Mayo (“glue”)

3. The star lunchbox

⭐Strawberry jam sandwich
 ⭐Pepperoni pizza
 ⭐Chicken wing
 ⭐Blueberry & Cantaloupe trunks
 ⭐Cucumber slices
 ⭐Minions honey cookies
⭐ Water

 Star strawberry jam sandwich ingredients: Bread + strawberry jam 

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