Easy Apple Donuts Recipe (Plus: The Relaxed Tiger Food Art & Breakfast Ideas)

Hello friends! Happy New Year! 

It has been forever since I have had time to update my blog. There were so many things that happened to my family before the New Year. I don’t want to be whiny, but it has been hard emotionally, mentally, and physically. My son has been diagnosed with a severe language delay. We moved him to a daycare from a preschool program to help him to improve his social skills and language skills. He might have a more serious problem. I am afraid that he may have Autism. Sometimes when he is super quiet or throws a tantrum or is biting people or himself…I feel like I am falling into a black hole. I can’t see the light I feel hopeless. I am   worried about what is going to happen in the future. Will he be ok? If not then who would take care of him when I am not around anymore? All kinds of crazy thoughts are in my head which really makes me depressed. Sometimes it makes me think what is life really about? 

Of course when the kids go to daycares they tend to get sick more often at the beginning. So my son started to cough and had diarrhea on and off and after a couple weeks in the new daycare. As you know the Covid still around which made us anxious too. We did the test and he was fine. At the same time, the grandparents weren’t doing well. Grandpa had to stay at the hospital for his health issues. My poor husband was busy with work and also had to take time to take care of his parents, I can’t imagine how exhausted he was. It was right before Christmas that both kids were sick again. I am not sure that they caught Covid then, but we did have Covid after Christmas family gathering. We had more strong Covid symptoms though. My daughter and I had sore throats and my husband had a brain fog. My son had the worst symptoms of all of us. He was coughing so bad that my husband had to take him to the emergency at the hopsital. He had Croup but who knows how much Covid had to do with it. I am thankful that we all recovered at the end.

After all this craziness, I hope the craziness leaves us behind in 2021. I am looking forward to a better year in 2022. It is the year of the Tiger, so I made a Relaxed Tiger on a fried egg sandwich because we want a happy and peaceful year. 

The breakfast menu, Tiger food art ingredients, and the apple donuts recipe are below.⬇️

I hope you like the tiger and I wish you success, peace and happiness in the New Year 2022!

📘 Today’s Breakfast Menu:

1️⃣ Fried egg sandwich (The Tiger sandwich)
2️⃣ Apple donuts (Recipe of the Day)
3️⃣ Greek yogurt

🐯 The Relaxed Tiger Food Art Ingredients:

1️⃣ Fried egg
2️⃣ Seaweed
3️⃣ Cheese
4️⃣ Ketchup
Glue: Ketchup 

Easy Apple Donuts


  • Knife
  • Small circle cutter
  • Butter knife
  • Cutting board


  • Green apple/Red apple: 1 (Washed)
  • Peanut butter : Your desired amount (You can also add your favorite spreads)

Toppings: (Add your favorite toppings, I used unsweetened coconut flakes;dried seeds and fruits;breakfast cereals.)


  1. Using a knife slice the apple into round slices.

  2. Use a small circle cutter to remove the core.

  3. Spread the peanut butter on the apple slices.

  4. Add your favorite toppings on the apple slices.

  5. Enjoy!

Appetizer, Dessert, Snack

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