Charlie Brown & Snoopy Lunchbox (Kids School Lunchbox Ideas)

🍱 Today’s Lunch :
✳Mandarin orange
✳Cheese puffs
✳Chocolate chip cookies
✳Strawberry jam sandwich (The Jam House)
✳Lightly broiled broccoli (seasoned with salt)
✳Turkey & kale meatballs
✳Cucumber/Cherry Tomatoes/Quail egg on a cob
✳Charlie Brown & Snoopy rice balls

🙋‍♀️ Hello friends! I made Charlie Brown and Snoopy rice balls for the lunchbox today. My daughter thought Charlie Brown was Caillou 😅. I guess it was because of the bald head.

💝 Her Favorite of the Day:
As I said before, she doesn’t usually like the sandwiches, but she said the strawberry jam sandwich (the Jam House) was her favourite! Haha maybe the food art helped.

🧡 Mommy’s Favorite Of The Day:
My favorite was the mandarin oranges we bought from the Superstore. It’s juicy, sweet and the skin is so easy to peel,love it.

🌼 Ok friends! I hope you like my lunchbox ideas today! I hope you still like my Charlie Brown although he looks like Caillou, haha.

🌲 Charlie Brown Lunchbox Packing Video & Decorating Ingredients ⬇️

Lunchbox Packing Video

🌲 Charlie Brown & Snoopy Decorating Ingredients:
Charlie Brown:
The head: Rice + Ketchup
The hair, eyes, nose & mouth: Nori
The head: Rice
The ear, nose, mouth & eyes: Nori

🏠 The Jam House Sandwich (Strawberry Jam Sandwich)
Decorating Ingredients:
The base: Bread + Strawberry jam
The roof: Strawberry jam
The chimney/Door/Window: Bread crust 

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