Christmas Tree Lunchbox (Lunchbox Ideas For Kids)

🍱 Today’s Lunch:
✳Cucumber cheese sandwich (Christmas Tree sandwich)
✳Pan fried green onion cake
✳Cheese cubes & cucumber slices
✳Fruits: raspberries & grapes
✳Black sesame rice crackers

Hello friends! I made a Christmas Tree sandwich for my daughter’s school lunch on Monday.  After a long week, I just wanted to make something easy. The Christmas tree is super easy to make.  You just need some cucumber slices. You need to  make sure they are thinly sliced so it is easier for them to stick on the cheese. You need to use pretzel sticks for the tree trunk and cut out a cheese star to put at the top of the tree. That’s it. You now have a Christmas Tree.
I also made some fried green onion cake.  Even though she didn’t finish everything, I am glad that she tried it. As you know, she is quite picky when it comes to food! Ok friends, that’s my story for the day.
I hope you have a wonderful day! The lunchbox packing video and food art information are below ⬇️

🎄 Christmas Tree Lunchbox Packing Video ⬇️

Lunchbox Packing Video

🎄Christmas Tree Sandwich Ingredients:
Base: bread + butter
Background: butter + cheese
The Christmas Tree: cucumber (leaves) + pretzel sticks (tree trunk)+ cheese (star)

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