Baymax Lunchbox (Kids School Lunchbox Ideas)

🍱 Today’s Lunchbox :
✳Cucumber slices
✳Beef meatballs
✳Maple Syrup carrot
✳Baymax rice ball (Food art information is below⬇️)
🥨 Snacks:
✳Buttered biscuit
✳Cheese puffs

Hello friends! I made Baymax for my daughter’s school lunch today.. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make, so I decided to make him because it seemed he would be easy to make, plus he looks like a snowman! Talking about snow, we just had a big snowfall! It was our first snowfall of this year and that means that winter is here and is going to stay for a while…

I hope you guys are safe and warm for this winter! Have a nice day friends!

🍡 Baymax Rice Ball Ingredients ⬇️

The body parts: rice
The eyes: seaweed paper/nori
Heart: carrot 

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