Hello Kitty Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich Tutorial

Hello friends! Life has been like a crazy roller coaster ride, with so many ups and downs and twists and turns… I think I need a little cuteness on a plate, so here is Hello Kitty.  I hope she brightens your day too.

The written tutorial and tutorial video are below. Have a nice day friends!

📕 How To Make A Hello Kitty Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

⏰Time: about 10 minutes
🥣Servings: 1

🥗 Ingredients: (for 1 egg sandwich)
Hard boiled egg: 1 (shell removed)
Yellow cheese: 1 slice
Carrot : 1 ( super thin slice)
Lettuce: 1 small piece (washed)
Seaweed paper/nori: 1 small piece
Dry black bean pasta : 1 stick
“Glue”: Cream cheese (if needed)

Knives, tweezers, emoji puncher, heart shape cutter, circle cutter, scribe needle.

⬇️ Instructions:
1 . Use a knife to cut the hard boiled egg in half lengthwise.

2 . Cut out a small piece out of the back of the halved egg piece. Then cut out 2 small triangles as Hello Kitty’s ears.

3 . Add your favorite fillings/condiments and make the sandwich.( I used Lettuce and cheese slice)

4 . Use dry black bean pasta and break into 2 small pieces. Stick them into the “ears” and then stick the “ears” on the “head”.

5 . Get a piece of seaweed paper/nori and use the Emoji puncher to punch out 2 eyes.  Place them on the “face”.

6 . Get a piece of cheese and use the scribe needle to cut out an oval shaped nose and place it on the “face”.

7 . Get a super thin sliced carrot and use a small heart shape cutter to cut out 2 hearts.  Use a small circle cutter to cut out a circle to make Hello Kitty’s bow. (Use cream cheese to glue if they don’t stick on the “head”)

8 . Break the dry black bean pasta into 6 small sticks to make Hello Kitty’s whiskers (or use seaweed paper). Stick them on the “face”.

All done!

📺 Video: How To Make A Hello Kitty Hard Boiled Egg Tutorial


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