Funny Squared Face Pumpkin & Simple Honey Passion Fruit Drink Recipe

Today’s Snack/Breakfast Menu:
✳ Open cheese sandwich
✳ Hard boiled quail eggs
✳ Blueberries
✳ Simple honey passion fruit drink (🌟 Recipe of the day)

Hello friends! I made a Funny Squared Face Pumpkin open sandwich for my son as Halloween is approaching.  I also made him a passion fruit drink. The recipe is below as well as the food art information!

Happy Halloween Friends!

📜 Recipe: Simple Honey Passion Fruit Drink

⏰ Time: 5 minutes
🍽 Serving: 1

🍡 Ingredients:
Passion Fruit: 1
Honey: your desired amount
Lemon: 2 slices

1 . Cut the passion fruit in half and scoop the seeds in a cup.

2 . Add 1 slice of lemon in the cup.

3 . Add honey and water to the cup. Mix well. Decorate the cup with a lemon slice. Enjoy!

📽 Video Recipe:

🖼 Funny Squared Face Pumpkin Food Art Video & Ingredients List:

🍡Ingredients list:
The pumpkin face: bread + cheese
The eyes: cheese + blueberries
The eyebrows: cheese + seaweed paper (nori)
The mouth: cheese + seaweed paper (nori)
The leaf: spinach
The stem: pretzel stick

The Ghost

The body: hard boiled quail eggs
The eyes: seaweed paper (nori) 
The mouth: ketchup + ham + seaweed paper (nori)

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