Halloween School Lunchbox Ideas

🍱 Today’s Lunchbox:
✳ Black cat and ghost riceballs
✳ Beef meatballs
✳ Simple pan fried mixed vegetables
✳ Japanese style omelette
✳ Mini chocolate muffin bites
✳ Fruits: grapes and raspberries

Hello friends! It’s crazy that it’s almost Halloween…We are having a beautiful fall here, I am just in love with the golden leaves. I swear I have been taking pictures of trees and leaves every time I go for a walk with my kids. Today I made the Halloween school lunchbox for my daughter. I had been planning to make a Halloween cat for so long in my mind 😝.  I didn’t really want to make it because it meant that I would have to get up early to make it…the angel and the devil fought for a while in my head. I guess the angel won. Hehe. The lunchbox packing and the food art ingredients are below.

Have a great day friends!

📽 Halloween School Lunchbox Ideas

🎨 Food Art Ingredients List:
1. The cat’s head: rice + nori
The cat’s ears: nori + cheese + dry pasta sticks
The cat’s eyes: cheese + nori
The cat’s nose: cheese
The cat’s whiskers: dry pasta sticks
2 . The ghost’s body: rice
The ghost’s eyes and mouth: nori
The ghost’s cheeks: ketchup
3. The flowers: carrots + cheese 

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