Elmo Cherry Tomatoes Tutorial

Hello friends! I haven’t had a chance to update my blog lately! Yes, I am still super busy…too many things happened,  a lot of ups and downs in life! Maybe I will talk about it later…

Anyhow, today I wanted to show you how to make Elmo Cherry Tomatoes. You need to try to find the rounder shaped cherry tomatoes as Elmo’s face is round. I made some for my daughter’s school lunch. I was surprised that she actually ate most of them. Usually she would complain about it.  I am guessing Elmo did help.  Haha!

I hope you like this fun food idea. The written and video recipes are below.  Have a great day friends!

(🌟Please supervise the younger kids while they are eating or cut into small pieces. )

📃 Elmo Cherry Tomatoes Tutorial

⏰ Time: 20-30 minutes
🍅 Makes: 10 Elmo cherry tomatoes

📽 Tutorial Video ⬇️

🥗 Ingredients:
Cherry tomatoes: 10 (washed)
White cheese : 1 slice
Yellow cheese:1 slice
Seaweed paper (nori): 1 sheet (cut it in half)
Cream cheese: 1 teaspoon

🛠 Supplies:
Tweezers, scissors, small circle cutter, emoji punchers, butter knife, small stick, bowl and plates etc.

👉 Instructions:

1. Get a slice of white cheese and use a small circle cutter to cut out 2 circles for Elmo’s eyes.

2. Get a slice of yellow cheese and use the small circle cutter to cut out 1 circle for Elmo’s nose.(Use the cream cheese to glue them if needed)

3. Put the 2 white circle eyes on the cherry tomato. Then put on the yellow circle nose. Set aside. (Use the cream cheese as glue if needed)

4. Get a piece of seaweed paper, and use the emoji puncher to punch out 2 eyeballs and put them on the white circle cheese pieces.

5. Use scissors to cut a circle out of the seaweed paper and then cut it in half. Glue it on the cherry tomato with cream cheese. Finish the remaining ingredients with the same method. 

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