Pikachu Food Art and Simple Fruity Overnight Oatmeal Cup Recipe

Today’s Breakfast Menu:

✳Bread with cheese/ham
✳Fruity overnight oatmeal cup (🌟Recipe of the day⬇️)

Hi friends! Today’s food art is Pikachu! I wasn’t sure what to make and Pikachu just popped into my head.  So here is Pikachu! There were so many things that happened this month that I wish I had 6 arms and legs to handle them all! Lol.

Today’s special recipe is overnight oatmeal. You can make it ahead of time and add your favorite toppings the next day. I used honey as the sweetener but you can use maple syrup or brown sugar if you want. The video and written recipes are below as well as the Pikachu food art information.

I hope you like today’s breakfast ideas and the recipe! Enjoy your day friends!

🥣 Recipe: Simple Fruity Overnight Oatmeal Cup

⏰Time: 5 minutes (Prep)
+ Overnight (10 hours)

📽 : Recipe Video ⬇️

🍢 Ingredients:

Quick oat/regular oat: 1/3 cup
Milk/plant based milk: 4 tablespoons
Chia seeds: 1/2 tablespoon
Honey: 1 tablespoon
Fruits of your choice: 1/2 cup
I used: blueberries and strawberries
Mint leaves (Optional)

👉 Instructions:

1 . Add oat, milk, chia seeds and honey in a small jar or a cup. Mix well and cover with a lid or wrap with plastic wrap. After covering it up, store it in the refrigerator overnight.

2. Prepare your favorite fruits. Take the oatmeal out of the refrigerator and top with your fruits and decorate with mint leaves if you want. Enjoy!

🎨 Pikachu Food Art Video & Ingredients List:

🍢 Ingredients:

Pikachu’s body/tail/paws/feet: cheese
Ears: cheese + nori
Eyes: nori + cheese
Nose/mouth: nori
Cheeks: strawberry
The balls: bread + cheese + nori + ham

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