Paw Patrol Skye Pancake Food Art & Mashed Purple Yams With Yogurt Recipe

Today’s Breakfast Menu:
✳Paw Patrol Skye pancakes
✳ Mashed purple yams with yogurt (🌟 Recipe of the day)

Hello friends! I made Skye pancakes for today’s food art.  As you know I made Mashall for my son last time. Everything has to be equal for my daughter and she wanted a Paw Patrol pup too! Siblings…(I am not satisfied with this food art creation but I tried my best to make Skye for her, I hope you like it)

For today’s recipe,  I made some mashed purple yams(ube) with yogurt. It’s very easy and fast to make for a busy morning. You can use sweet potatoes too. The texture of the purple yams are tougher than the sweet potatoes so add a bit more water before you microwave them or you can add more yogurt to the yams after you cook them. Yams are healthy and filling and are a great breakfast to start our busy days. I hope you like this breakfast recipe friends!

Comment below if you have more quick and healthy breakfast Ideas. Check out the video and written recipes below as well as the Skye food art information.

Have a fabulous day friends!

🥣 Mashed Purple Yams With Yogurt Recipe

⏰ Time: about 15 minutes
🍽 Servings: 1 to 2

📽 : Recipe Video ⬇️

🥣 Ingredients:
Purple yams(Ube): 2 (washed)
Water: 45 ml
Vanilla yogurt: 1 tablespoon (for the mixing)+ 3 tablespoons or more (for the topping, you can add some milk in the yogurt for the runnier texture if needed)
Cherry: 1 (optional)

👉 Instructions:
1. Peel the yams and cut into small pieces.

2. Put the cut up yams in a microwaveable bowl and splash water over the yams.

3. Cover with Seran wrap and use a scribe needle or toothpick to poke some holes on the wrap. Put them in microwave for 8 minutes.

4. Mash the yams with a fork when done. Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt and mix well.

5 . Scoop the yam mixture into a cup/bowl, pour the yogurt on top of the yams, and top with a cherry(or your favorite dried fruits/nuts). Enjoy!

🎨 Paw Patrol Skye Food Art Video:

🍢 Skye Food Art Ingredients:
Head/Face: pancakes
Ears & Fur: pancakes (food coloring: cocoa powder)
Goggles: tortilla wrap + yogurt + pink pitaya powder
Eye parts: pancakes( food coloring: cocoa powder) + purple cabbage +cheese + nori
Mouth parts: cheese + nori + edible ink

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