☆Spongebob Themed Breakfast ☆

Today’s Breakfast:

✳Bread with ham and cheese
✳Fruit: Blueberries + Strawberries
✳Dried seeds/nuts/fruits

Hello friends! Today’s food art is Spongebob and his friend Patrick Star. We had a long weekend here in Canada and we did a lot of things with kids this week! We also got our vaccines! It has been a busy week and we are all tired so I thought making Spongebob would be an easy thing for my food art, haha.

Food art video and food art details are below.  Have a wonderful day my friends !

📽Spongebob Themed Breakfast Food Art Video⬇️


Spongebob Food Art Ingredients:
The base: bread
The face : cheese slice
The eyes: white cheese + blue spirulina powder + nori
The eyelashes: nori
The mouth: nori
The teeth: white cheese
The nose: cheese
The cheeks: cheese + ketchup

Patrick Star :
The body: ham
The eyes: cheese + nori
The eyebrows & mouth: nori
The pants: cucumber

The Seafloor: dried seeds/nuts/fruit + blueberries

The plants: cucumber slices
Flowers: strawberry slices
Sea stars: cheese

Food Art Supplies I Used:
Small circle cutters, star cutter, oval cutter,
scissors, emoji punchers, fruit knife, tweezers, baking tools etc.

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