☆Winnie☆ & Super Easy “Fruit Cake” Recipe

Today’s breakfast:

✳”Fruit cake” ( Recipe ⬇️)
✳Winnie rice balls (Onigiri)
✳Mixed nuts/Seeds/Dried fruits

Hello friends! I made a “fruit cake ” for my kid’s breakfast today! It can be a kids afternoon snack as well. It is super easy to make! For this fruit cake, you can add any fruit you kids love and you can use greek yogurt instead of vanilla yogurt. 

Today I also made a Winnie rice ball. I hope you like him! The fruit cake video and written recipes as well as the Winnie’s food art information are below .
Have a great day friends!

📽: Super Easy “Fruit Cake” Recipe Video⬇️


📜Super Easy “Fruit Cake” Recipe

⏰Time: 5 to 8 minutes
🍽Servings: 2

Bread: 4 slices
Kiwi: 1
Tangerine: 1
Raspberries: 1/3 cup
Shredded coconut: about 1 tablespoon
Vanilla yogurt: about 4 tablespoons

1.Peel and chop the kiwi and tangerine into small pieces and mash the raspberries.

2.Remove the crust from the bread and spread the vanilla yogurt on the bread.

3. Add the mashed raspberries, chopped kiwi, chopped tangerine, and the shredded coconut on the bread.

4. Stack the bread pieces and let the shredded coconut bread sit on the top.

5. Slice the “cake” into half,  and enjoy!

🍢Winnie The Pooh Ingredients:
Winnie’s head, ears, snout, hands: Rice + pumperkin powder + a little bit of water.
Winnie’s body: Rice + red beet root powder + a little bit of water
Winnie ‘s eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth: Nori
Attachment for the ears, snout and body: Dry spaghetti

🛠Food Art Supplies:
Seran wrap, emoji puncher, tweezers, small cup

Video Background music :

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