☆Mario☆Bento Box Ideas/ Lunchbox Ideas

Today’s lunch:

✳Strawberry & Lettuce Salad with Maple Syrup dressing

(Ingredients: handful of ripped lettuce,  2 chopped strawberries,  1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds.
Maple syrup dressing: 3 teaspoons of pure maple syrup + 2 teaspoons of olive oil + 1 teaspoon of lemon juice + salt and pepper to taste)

✳Tofu in tomato sauce(Recipe ⬇️)

☆Pac-Man☆& Tofu in Tomato Sauce Recipe

✳Barbeque chicken


Hello friends,  I made Mario for the bento box today. I think Mario Bros. was the first game I played when I was little. I still love playing it and it is the only game I know how to play 🤣.

For today’s lunch salad I just kind of threw everything together.  You can add greens or fruits and any type of seeds you want.  I really love the Maple Syrup dressing and my kids love maple syrup too! My husband bought 2 bottles of new maple syrup a few days ago so I thought I should just give it a try. I love the light sweetness of it,(I wrote the dressing recipe above. This is just for the small salad. If you make it for a large salad, just increase the ratio) I hope you like it too!

Mario’s food art information and the bento box packing video are below. Hopefully you enjoy it. Have a fantastic day friends!

📽 Mario Bento Packing & Lunch Ideas

🍢Mario Food Art Ingredients:
The face: plain cooked rice
The hat: rice + red beet root powder
The symbol: plain rice (the base) + red beet root powder (the letter m)
The eyes: cheese+ blue spirulina powder + Nori
The nose: plain rice
The moustache & the hair : nori
The red top : rice + red beet root powder
The jumpsuit: rice + blue spirulina powder
The buttons: rice + curcumin powder
(P.s I added a little bit of water when I mixed the rice with food colorings)

🛠: Food Art Supplies:
Seran wrap (for shaping the rice), circle cutter, scissors, tweezers, baking decorating tools, rice scoop etc. 

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