☆My Little Pony-Twilight Sparkle☆ Food Art & Dinner Ideas

Today’s dinner:
Shrimp salad
Fried eggs

Hello friends! Today’s food art is going to be Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.  My daughter’s birthday is coming up so I decided to make her a pony because she loves unicorns and ponies.  She especially likes Twilight Sparkle. A pony is a bit tricky to make. If you ever want to make it, maybe try to make the pony a day before you present it.  You can decorate with dishes later. The food art video and the food art information are below.

Hope you like the food art today, have a wonderful day !

📽My Little Pony- Twilight Sparkle Food Art Video ⬇️

🍢Food Art Ingredients:
(Twilight Sparkle)

Body: Rice + purple yam powder + water
Horn: Rice + purple yam powder + nori
Mane & Tail : Nori
Red stripe : Rice + red beet root powder
Purple stripe : Rice + purple yam powder
Eye: Cheese + nori
Eyelashes: Nori
Star: Red pepper

🛠Food Art Supplies:

Seran wrap, tweezers, scissors, spoon, baking decorating tools , bowls, plate, mini milk cup, etc. 

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