☆Little Mousey☆ Snack/Breakfast Ideas For Kids& Hardboiled Egg Mouse Tutorial

Today’s Sanck/Breakfast Ideas:

Hardboiled egg
Fruits: Kiwi & Strawberries
Dried mixed nuts & dried fruits (Please supervise younger children when serving nuts)

Hello friends! Happy Friday!
Life has been busy, and I feel so tired and not sure what to make this week. I finally decided to make an egg mouse! Eggs have been our family’s favorite go to protein for kids. I am glad that they like them because they are so easy to cook. If your kids are not interested in eating eggs, maybe try making an egg mouse. Haha !   It is super easy and very nutritious! The full tutorial is below!

Have a great weekend friends 😊

📽Hardboiled Egg Mouse Tutorial

🥣Recipe:How To Make A Mouse With A Hardboiled Egg? (Hardboiled Egg Mouse Tutorial)


Hardboiled egg: 1 (peeled)
Carrot: 1 small piece
Black bean pasta : Break into 6 small pieces

Optional Ingredients:

Kiwi, strawberries, mixed nuts & dried fruits


Edible food coloring pens : Orange and black
Fruit knives / Fruit carving knife
Fruit picks


1. Place the peeled hard boiled egg on the chopping board. Get a piece of small carrot and make 2 ears and a tail .

2. Use the fruit carving knife to make 2 small slits in the mouse’s head (use the pointy side of the egg), insert the ears in the head and insert the tail in the mouse’s bottom.

3. Use the orange edible food coloring pen to make the mouse’s nose and the black one for the eyes.

4. Insert the black bean pasta sticks in the mouse’s cheeks.

5. Cut the kiwi in half and make strawberry flowers.  Then add the mixed nuts and dried fruits to the plate and arrange the fruit on the plate. Stick the fruit picks in the kiwi halves. (You can choose your kids favorite fruit for decorations)

6. Place the Mousey on the plate and enjoy!

Video Background Music: https://www.zapsplat.com/

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