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Today’s Breakfast Ideas:

Toast with Avocado spread
(*Avocado spread:1 mashed avocado and 1 tablespoon of honey and squeeze of lemon juice)
Pumpernickel bread with Nutella

Hello friends! Today’s food art is Baby Yoda! My husband wanted his own Baby Yoda toy/stuffy for a long time. Such a big kid😂. So I got him a couple Baby Yoda stuffies a few days ago and it inspired me to make Baby Yoda for my food Art. I used avocado spread for Baby Yoda’s skin color. I think you can use cream cheese with mocha powder if you want.  I used pumpernickel bread for the clothing because I still had a few pieces of pumpernickel left from my last project. You can use regular bread and spread with peanut butter if you like.(P.S. you can save the leftover food art bread and bake it in the oven to make croutons for salad)
I am not sure I did a great job with this food art Baby Yoda project,  but it was yummy anyway,  Haha!  I hope you like the breakfast ideas and enjoy the video. Have a great day friends!

📽Baby Yoda Food Art Video:

🍢Food Art Ingredients:

Baby Yoda’s Head: Toast + avocado spread
Eyes: Nori/seaweed paper+ bread
Wrinkles: Nori/seaweed paper
Ears: Toast + avocado spread + strawberry spread
Clothing: Pumpernickel bread +Nutella

BB8: Cheese + carrot + nori

🛠Food Art Supplies:
Scissors, Emoji cutter, Emoji Punchers, Circle cutters, Tweezers, Fruit carving knife, Butter Knife, Plate.

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