☆Otter In The Sea☆(Food Styling Ideas • Breakfast/Snack Ideas)

Breakfast/Snack Ideas :

Pumpernickel bread with peanut butter
Fruits: Kiwi+Grapes
Goldfish veggies & fruits crackers

Hello friends! I made an otter for today’s breakfast ideas! I received some packages of Goldfish Crackers from Goldfish Canada a couple weeks ago. Thank you Goldfish Canada! These Goldfish Crackers are made with veggies and fruits, which is a great snack for my little ones. They are also perfect for my little otter. Haha. I hope you like my otter and the breakfast ideas . Have an awesome day because you are ottery very cute! 😍

📽Otter In The Sea Food Art :

🍢Food Art Ingredients:

Otter’s body parts: Pumpernickel bread + peanut butter
Mouth & tummy: White bread
Nose & Mouth: Grapes
Eyes: Blueberries + bread
Whiskers: Black bean pasta

Lily pads: Kiwi slices
Fishes: Goldfish Crackers

🛠Food Art Supplies:
Scissors, fruit carving knife, circle cutter, emoji cutter, butter knife.

Video Background Music: https://www.zapsplat.com/

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