☆Sleeping Easter Bunny☆ Bento/Lunchbox Ideas with Tutorial Video and Written Recipe with Pictures

Hello friends! Easter will be here before you know it! So I made an Easter themed bento for this week’s lunchbox ideas. I hope this sleepy little Easter Bunny is going to wake up soon because Spring and Easter is coming. 

Happy early Easter Friends!

(The tutorial video and the written recipe are below, I hope you like them)

📽Sleeping Easter Bunny Bento/Lunchbox Tutorial ⬇️

How To Make A Sleeping Easter Bunny Bento/Lunchbox?


(Bunny’s ingredients)
Cooked rice : 105g
Bunny’s head: 50g
Main body: 25g
Ears: 10g + 10g
Front paws: 5g + 5g
Legs: 5g + 5g

Nori/Seaweed paper: 1 sheet  (for eyes/eyelashes/nose/mouth)
Ketchup: About 1 teaspoon (for the cheeks and ears)
Sliced cheese(blanket): 1

Hard boiled quail eggs (Easter eggs): 3

Carrot(Flowers): 1 piece (cooked or raw, you can pick your own ingredients for the decorations)

The Bed: Broccoli and shrimp (You can use your own ingredients for the bed)


Seran wrap, emoji punchers, flower shape cutter, edible ink markers, bento box, brush etc.

1. Wrap the rice in the Seran wrap and shape bunny’s body parts, set aside.

2. Place the “bed” ingredients in the bento box(you can choose your own. ingredients for the bed).

3. Place the bunny’s body parts on the bed.

4. Put the “blanket”(cheese) on the bunny, place the bunny’s “paws”(rice balls) on top of the blanket.

5. Get a piece of nori, and use the emoji punchers to punch out the facial features.

6. Brush the bunny’s cheeks and ears with ketchup.

7. Use a flower shape cutter to cut the carrot and place around the bunny.

8. Use edible ink markers to make dots on the quail eggs. Arrange them in the bento box.

Video background music & some special sound effects: https://www.zapsplat.com/

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