☆Oh Whale☆Breakfast/Snack Ideas

1️⃣Bread with honey Greek yogurt
2️⃣Fruits: Blueberries + Orange

Hello friends! Today I made a whale for my daughter because she learned about ocean animals in her online kindergarten class last week! So here is a little whale for her.

I used spirulina powder mixed with yogurt to make the blue skin of the whale. You can substitute the yogurt with cream cheese if you like. More details are on the video. ⬇️

Have a wonderful day friends, hope everything goes whale with you haha!

📽Oh Whale Food Art Video

🍢Food Art Ingredients :

Whale’s body: Bread + Honey Greek Yogurt + Spirulina Powder

Eye: Bread + Nori
Water: Blueberries

🛠Food Art Supplies :

Fruit carving knife, butter knife, Emoji puncher/cutter, scissors, little bowl ,etc. 

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