☆Pot Of Gold☆ Breakfast/Snack Ideas

1️⃣Bread with cream cheese
2️⃣Coconut Milk
3️⃣Fruits:Green apple + Strawberries
4️⃣Cheese & Froot loops

Hello friends! I can’t believe that it’s almost in the middle of the March already. So I made a pot of glod for the in coming of the St Patrick’s Day holiday.
Wishing everyone the happiness a leprechaun’s gold, and a day of songs of love that never grow old.

The food art video and the food art informations are below.Ok friends enjoy your day!

📽Pot Of Gold Food Art Video:

🍢Pot Of Gold Food Art Ingredients:

The pot : Bread + Cream cheese + Charcoal powder
Gold coins: Cheese
Rainbow: Froot loops
Clover leaf: Green Apple

🛠Food Art Supplies:

Scissors, Plate, Circle cutter, Butter knife, Heart cutter etc.

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