☆The Seals☆ (Step By Step Instructions With Video & Pictures •Breakfast Ideas)

Today’s Breakfast:

1️⃣ Hard boiled egg
3️⃣ Coconut milk
4️⃣Fruits: blackberries, orange, apple slices

Hello friends! I made a couple baby seals using a hard boiled egg. It is super fun and easy to make and it can be for breakfast or a snack for kids or grown ups! Ha ha. The tutorial video and the written recipe are below.  I hope you like them and my breakfast ideas.

Have an amazing day friends!

📽Seal Tutorial Video

🥣How To Make Seals With An Egg?

Hard boiled egg: 1
Cheese slice: 1
Nori/Seaweed paper: 1 small sheet
Dry black bean pasta: 1 stick

1 small heart cutter, 1 small circle cutter,a knife ,tweezers,  and a brush.


1. Get a piece of cheese and use a small heart cutter to cut out 2 hearts for the seal’s tail and use a small cutter to cut out 2 circles for the mouths. Set aside.

2. Cut the hard boiled egg in half, set aside.

3. Get a piece of nori/seaweed paper, and use the emoji cutter to punch out seal’s eyes, noses and fore flippers.

4.Put the seal’s “tails” under the seal’s body and put the noses on the seal’s faces.

5. Place the “eyes” and “noses” on the seal’s faces and place the fore flippers on the chests of the seals.

6. Brush the ketchup on the seals cheeks.

7. Break the black bean pasta into small pieces and stick them in the seal’s cheeks.

8. Arrange your prepared food around the seals.

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