☆Moana☆ Food Art & Dinner/Lunch Ideas

Today’s Dinner:
Black bean pasta
Grilled chicken with mixed greens

Hello friends! I made Moana for today’s food art. I made her because my kids absolutely love the songs from the movie.  Especially my son, he calms down as soon as he hears any of the songs.  I think his favorite song from the movie is “You’re Welcome”.  He just loves it and claps and bounces around when he hears it.  I really love this quote from Moana “But once you know what you like, well there you are.” What’s your favorite quote? Comment below!  

Have a fantastic day friends!

📽Moana Food Art Video:

🍢Moana Food Art Ingredients:

Moana’s hair: Black bean pasta
Flower on the hair: Cheese + Carrot
Face: Rice + Dark soy sauce
Eyebrows: Nori
Eyes: Nori + Cheese
Mouth: Nori
Necklace: Cheese + Rice + Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder
Upper body/Arms/Feet: Rice + Dark Soy Sauce
Clothing: Tomato Tortilla + White Tortilla + Edible Food Paint
Plants: Mixed Greens
Flowers: Carrot + Cheese
Ground: Grilled chicken
Paddle: Dry Pasta + Pumpernickel Bread

🛠Food Art Supplies:

Tweezers, emoji puncher, scissors, plate, small circle cutters/emoji cutter, cake fondant decorating tools, forks, little shovel scoop etc.

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