☆Flying Superman☆ Food Art & Dinner Ideas

Today’s Dinner
Southern pork chops
Oven roasted potatoes
Pan fried corn
Simple stir-fried broccoli

Hello friends!  I made a Superman for the “big kid” in the house🤭 this time as he loves comics and Superheroes.
We had a Hello Fresh prepared meal for our dinner with the exception of the broccoli and rice. I made those myself!  Sometimes I just don’t know what else to cook, so we order Hello Fresh for our dinner every second week.  We get 3 prepared dinners for the week! We just want to try something different.

The food art video and the food art details are below,  I hope you enjoy the video, have a great day friends!

📽Flying Superman Food Art Video ⬇️

🍢Flying Superman Food Art Ingredients:

Superman: Rice + Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder + Ketchup + Tomato + Nori/Seaweed Paper + Cheese
Buildings: Pork Chop Strips + Nori
Trees: Broccoli
Ground: Roasted Potatoes Slices + Corn

🛠Food Art Supplies:
Tweezers, emoji puncher, scissors, fruit carving knife, spoon, plate, small circle cutters/emoji cutter, cake fondant decorating tool, and chopsticks.

🥣Food Art Preparation:
1. Mix the cooked rice and the blue butterfly pea flower powder together. Once mixed, wrap the rice mixture in saran wrap and form Superman’s body. Set aside.

2. Mix the cooked rice and the ketchup together and wrap it in saran wrap. Form Superman’s head. Set aside.

3. Get a tomato and use a fruit carving knife to cut out Superman’s hands, underpants, boots and cape. Cut out a small piece of yellow cheese for the upper part of his underpants.

4. Get a piece of nori/seaweed paper and cut out the hair, and small squares for the building’s windows.

5. Use the small circle cutter to cut circles out of the white cheese for the eye’s base.  Use the emoji punchers/scissors to cut the Nori for the irises and you can cut out the mouth as well. Cut out a tiny piece of white cheese for pupils.

6. Put Superman on top of the plate and arrange the dinner ingredients under the flying superman after the meal is cooked. (Add the nori windows on the pork chop slices first)

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