Easy Baby Spinach Omelette (Step by Step Video & Picture Instructions)

Hello friends! Today, I am going to share my baby spinach omelette recipe with you guys. You can add your favorite veggies to the omelette as well.  My daughter loves spinach, so I added spinach with a few cherry tomatoes. The recipe is so quick and easy to make yet it is so nutritious. It is great for busy mornings. 
I hope you like the recipe! The video and picture recipes are below! Have a good day friends!

📽How To Make Baby Spinach Omelette?

🥣RECIPE: Baby Spinach Omelette

Time: About 5minutes(Prep) + About 8-10minutes (Cooking)
Yields: 1 or 2 people


Baby spinach: 1 Cup (Washed)
Eggs: 2
Cherry tomatoes: 2 (Washed)
Green onion: 1 Stalk (Washed)
Olive oil: 1/2 Teaspoon
Milk: 1 Tablespoon
Water: 1 Tablespoon
Salt:About 1/8 Teaspoon
Pepper to taste


1. Slice the cherry tomatoes and dice the green onion and set aside.

2. Crack the eggs and put in the measuring cup and then add the milk, salt and pepper. Beat them together and set aside.

3. Heat up the pan to medium heat then add the olive oil and grease the pan with a paper towel.

4. Put the baby spinach in the pan and cook till wilted.

5. Pour the egg mixture in the pan and cover and cook for about 1 minute.

6. Uncover the pan and add the cherry tomatoes and pour the water around the edge of the omelette. Cover and cook for about 2 minute or so.

7. Uncover the pan and scatter the green onion over the omelette and cover and turn off the heat. Use the remaining heat to cook(about 1 or 2 minutes) or cook till the eggs are firm. Make sure it doesn’t burn.

8. Once cooked.  Transfer the omelette to a plate, decorate with your favorite veggies or fruits, enjoy !

🐈The cat on the plate ingredients:

Body: Rice
Mouth & Nose: Nori
Eyes: Cheese + Nori
Whiskers: Black bean pasta
Spots & Stripes: Dark soy sauce + Nori
Support for the head and ears: Spaghetti 

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