☆Princess Belle☆ Food Art & Dinner Ideas

🥗Today’s Dinner:

Sweet & sour pork
Coconut shrimp
Sweet kale salad

Hello friends! Sorry for the late post! My life has been a bit challenging with a 2 and half year old! Crazy guy!

Anyway, this week I made princess Belle.  I am not sure why I made her, I have never watched Beauty and the Beast all the way through to the end as something always happened when I tried to watch it and I couldn’t finish it 😅.

If you like this creation please watch how I styled the plate and more details below.

Have a great day friends!

📽Princess Bell Food Art Video⬇️

🍢Food Art Ingredients:

Rice+Dark soy sauce + Nori + Corn tortilla + Cheese + Cucumber + Strawberries + Sweet & sour pork + Coconut shrimp + Sweet kale salad

🛠Food Art supplies:

Tweezers, Emoji puncher, Scissors, Fruit carving knife, Spoon, Plate, Chopsticks etc.

🥣Food Art Preparation:

1. Cook the rice

2. Mix the rice with dark soy sauce in a bowl.

3. Wrap the rice in the plastic wrap and form Belle’s back hair, her front hair and the bun on the top of the head.

4. Form her face, ears, arms and the neck with plain rice.

5. Using nori(seaweed) and the emoji punchers  you can punch out the  eyes, eyelashes, and the mouth and set aside.

6. Use the corn tortilla to cut out a rectangle shape for the top part of her body and some semi circles for the decorations for her dress. Set aside. 

7. Use yellow colored cheese to make the bottom part of her dress, the small top part of her dress and the hair ribbon.(You can also use fried eggs.)

8. Use a cucumber to cut out some leaves, and use strawberries for the roses. Set aside.

9. Place all the ingredients on a plate when all the dinner ingredients are cooked. 

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