Happy Cow Open Sandwich Step By Step Tutorial (Video+Pictures)

Hi friends! This week I made a cow face sandwich for my food art! It’s super easy to make and you can even make it with your kids. You can have it for breakfast, or for a snack.  You can also make it as a cute party food.
Chinese New Year is around the corner, so I made a lantern and firecrackers to go around the cow for the year of the cow! Ha!

Have a wonderful day friends!

📽:Happy Cow Open Sandwich Tutorial Video

How To Make A Happy Cow Open Sandwich?

Bread: 2 pieces
Cashews: 3
Honey Greek yogurt
Strawberry cream cheese

Fruit carving knife
Butter knife etc.


1. Get a piece of bread and use a pair of scissors to cut out the cow’s head.

2. Get another piece of bread to cut out the front part of the cow’s face.

3. Use the remaining pieces of bread to make the cow’s ears to place beside the cow’s “head”.

4. Spread the honey Greek yogurt on the cow’s “head” and “ears” (You can use cream cheese too)

5. Spread the strawberry cream cheese on the front part of the cow.

6. Place 2 raisins on the cow’s head for the eyes and place 2 more raisins on the front part of the cow’s face for the nostrils.

7. Cut up the blackberry to use for the cow’s spots. Place the pieces on the cow’s “head” and “ears”.

8. Put 2 cashews on top of the cow’s head for the horns and one for the cow’s mouth.

9. (Optional) Fun plating. I added some firecrackers and a lantern for the year of the cow. Enjoy!

Firecrackers: Bread crust + Strawberry + Cheese
Lantern: Cheese + Bread crust +cheese

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