☆Uh Oh☆ Food Art

Hi friends! I made a little baby panda for the food art this time. I hope you like this little guy. He is just like my little toddler son, climbing up and down! Hehe…

I didn’t know what to make at first, as my brain hasn’t been working well recently…So I came up with the panda idea because my daughter and I watched some baby panda videos not that long ago.  We really enjoyed them. So I thought that since they are cute, mischievous and funny I would make one for my food art!   Well, I hope you like this little naughty guy 😜.  (Check out the video below to see more details)Take care!

Have a fabulous day! 

📽Uh Oh Food Art Video


  1. ninnys1 – Hi. My blog? Simple. Just sharing what peak's my interest or . So, a mish-mash of everything. Thankyou for stopping by Ninnys Nest and do enjoy this day. :)
    ninnys1 says:

    Fun to make…love it

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