Minions Lunchbox Plus Tutorial Video & Written Recipe

Hello friends! I made Minions for this week’s Lunchbox Ideas. I wanted to make a Trolls themed Luncbox but it seemed a little bit more difficult to make.  So I thought of making a Minions Lunchbox, it just felt easier to make! So I made two little fried egg sandwiches. You can always add your own toppings,  you want make sure that the top surface is yellow. So you could use yellow sliced cheese for example.  I also used yellow cherry tomatoes for the snack. I think it is great for the Minions themed party.(Friendly reminder: please be careful when serving these little tomatoes to the younger children.)

I hope you like my Minions Lunchbox and enjoy my tutorial video. Have a fabulous day!

🎬Minions Lunchbox Tutorial

⬇️How To Make A Minions Lunchbox?


Bread: 2 pieces
Nori paper sheet: 1 piece
Pumpernickel bread: 1 piece
Cream cheese
Thin cucumber slices
Fried egg omelette
Cheese slice


Big circle cutter, small cutters , scissors, tweezers, emoji punchers,butter knife etc.


A. Use a circle cutter to cut the bread for the Minions. I am making 2 minions for this lunchbox.( You can save the leftover bread a ziplock bag and store it in the freezer for croutons or stuffing. Or just eat it or give it to your kids to eat, haha).

B. Spread the cheese on the bread and  then add the cucumber slices. Then of top of that place the fried egg omelette over it.(You can add your favorite toppings, just make sure the top surface ingredient’s color is yellow)

C. Use a small circle cutter to cut the pumpernickel bread for making the Minions’s glasses frame. (I am going to make one minion one way, one that has 2 eyes and one that has 1 eye) Use a smaller circle cutter to cut the white sliced cheese for the white part of the eye.

D. Cut 2 small pieces of nori for the “straps”. Add the “glue” (mayo) on the “straps” and place them on top of the fried egg omelette. Glue the glasses frame and cheese eye part on the middle of the fried egg omelette. Use an emoji puncher to punch the pupils out of a piece of nori.

E. (Optional steps)Use scissors to cut the nori paper sheet for Minions’s  hair. Use an emoji puncher to punch out the the Minion’s mouths.


Cherry tomatoes: 6
Cheese slice: 1
Nori/Seaweed paper sheet
Dry black bean noodle


Scissors, small circle cutter, tweezers etc.


A. Use scissors to cut 6 nori “straps” for the Minions.(You can make as many as you want) and cut 6 circles for the glasses frames.

B. Use a small circle cutter to cut out 6 circles from the white cheese.Make sure it is smaller than the glass frames.

C. Use an emoji puncher to punch out the pupils for the eyes.

D. Use mayo as glue to glue the straps, glasses frames, cheese eye parts and the pupils on the cherry tomatoes.

E. (Optional step) Break the dry black bean noodles into small pieces and stick them on the Minion’s head for hair.


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