☆Happy Holidays☆Dinner Ideas For The Family+ Simple Roasted Purple Yams Recipe

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2️⃣Veggie quinoa salad
3️⃣Roasted purple yams (Recipe Of The Day)
Hi friends! It’s almost Christmas! We are currently in lockdown mode in our city. However we can’t let this break our spirits, right? So here is your Santa! Ho Ho Ho!  My daughter is not a salad person so I created a lettuce Christmas Tree for her to encourage her to have more greens!  It worked!  This week I also made some roasted purple yams for my Dinner Ideas. As we know purple yams are highly nutritious and they also promote and help with keeping our gut healthy. I didn’t peel the skin because the skin is packed with nutrients and minerals.

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📽: Simple Roasted Purple Yams Recipe & Food Art Information⬇️

🥗Simple Roasted Purple Yams Recipe

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