Easy Apple Oatmeal Pancakes & Food Art (Breakfast Idea)

Hello friends!
This weekend I made some pancakes for breakfast! Using the pancakes I made I also created a deer pancake to welcome the holiday season that is fast approaching! The recipe and food art information is on the post, just swipe left. We like to have pancakes on the weekends, it’s kind of our little tradition for our family. When we don’t have to rush to do things on the weekends we can enjoy having some pancakes and enjoy each other’s company! We can build our family bonds and create everlasting memories of pancakes and maple syrup!
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Have a wonderful day friends!

📽 Easy Apple Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe & Dear Food Art Video ⬇️

🥣Recipe ⬇️

Apple: 1 ( peeled & diced)
Organic quick rolled oats/Rolled oats : 1 cup
Organic pancake mix: 2 cups
Water: 2 cups
Palm sugar/sugar (optional)
Maple syrup/butter

1. Add the apple, rolled oats, water to the food processor and blend to smooth.(add palm sugar/sugar if desired), set aside.

2. Preheat the pan over medium high heat.

3. Add the pancake mix to a large measuring cup and then pour the apple oatmeal mixture, mix well.

4. When the pan is warm, reduce the heat to low, and then pour desired amount of batter to the pan.(I used about 4 tablespoons).

5. When you see the batter bubble around the edges of the pancake, flip it.Cook for another 2 minutes or until the desired golden brown. Put it on a plate and finish the remaining ingredients.

6. Serve with maple syrup/butter.

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