Penguin Onigiri Rice Balls

Hi friends!
We sure had a lot of snow in the last few days.   I don’t know why the snow made me think of penguins, but it did! So I decided to make some penguin onigiri rice balls. I used black rice for the penguin’s body and I used quail eggs for the filling. You can choose your own favorite fillings!  I used quail eggs for the filling because my kids love to eat them.Black rice is high in antioxidants and anthocyanin which provides health benefits for the brain and heart.  The quail eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals which helps to improve immunity. It is such a good combination for little ones and grown ups. If you don’t have the time to make the penguin onigiri, you can just season the black rice with salt and wrap the quail egg in the rice to make a simple onigiri. You can make them for afternoon snacks for kids or put them in their lunchbox. So easy yet healthy.

Have a good day friends!  Check out the video recipe.⬇️  I hope you like it.


Black rice: 1 and half cup
Quail eggs: 6
Bread: 2 pieces
Marble cheese: 1 piece
Cream cheese: 1 teaspoon
Nori/Seaweed paper: 1 small piece
Hibiscus powder:1/8 teaspoon

1. Cook the rice (I used the rice cooker method).  Add the rice in the pot then rinse the rice. Fill the water to the recommended line of the pot. Put the pot in the rice cooker and select the soft program to cook the rice.

2. Place the quail eggs in the sauce pan and bring the water to a boil. Cook for 4 or 5 minutes once the water starts to boil. Take them out to a bowl when done. Add water in the bowl. Tap the eggs against the bowl and peel away the shell. Leave them in the fridge while waiting for the rice.

3.When the rice is done. Put it in a bowl and add salt to taste.  Mix well.

4.Get a piece of plastic wrap and scoop some rice on it.(about 1/3cup)  Place a quail egg in the centre of rice and wrap it up and then start forming the penguin’s body.

5. Unwrap the penguin’s body and use the scissors to snip both sides of the penguin to make the penguin’s little wings. Use the plastic wrap to shape the wings if necessary. Set aside when it is done

6. Place the bread on the cutting board and flatten it with a rolling pin. Then use a round cutter to make the front part of the penguin . Use the scissors to cut out a small piece of bread to make a concave shape. Place the bread on the front of the penguin’s body and use some cream cheese to glue it if needed.

7. Use a small piece of nori and use a puncher to punch out the eyes. Glue them onto the penguin’s top front part of the bread. (Use cream cheese as glue)

8. Get a piece of marble cheese and use the scriber needle to cut out an oval shape for the penguin’s beak . Cut out the penguin’s feet. Use the cream cheese to glue them onto the penguin’s body.

9. Use hibiscus powder for the penguin’s cheeks and finish the remaining ingredients. 

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