《The Fang-tastic Vampire》Vampire Food Art Tutorial & Halloween Breakfast Ideas

This Week’s Breakfast Ideas ⬇️

1️⃣Bread/Toast with vanilla Greek yogurt

2️⃣Hardboiled quail eggs

3️⃣Candy corn fruit cup

Hello friends! It is getting close to Halloween so I made a cartoony version of Dracula. I used a piece of bread and some vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with sweet purple yam powder for his face and strawberries for his bowtie. You can use pancakes or other flat ingredients for his face.
I also made a candy corn fruit cup. I used pineapple, mandarin orange and yogurt.  It is super easy to make!  You can just chop the fruit and add the yogurt and after that you can arrange them in the cup.  It is healthy, very easy and fun. The recipe and vampire food art tutorial video are below. Hope you like them .
Have a fantastic week , friends! See you next Monday!

The Vampire Food Art Tutorial Video

Food Art Ingredients:

Bread/Toast: 1 piece

Vanilla yogurt: About 1 tablespoon

Sweet purple yam powder: About 1 teaspoon

Sunflower seeds:2


Raisins: A small handful

Tortilla wrap

Nori/Seaweed paper

Food Art Tools:Scissors,  Tweezers, Fruit craving knife,  A spoon,A small plate,Circle cutter.

Recipe: Candy Corn Fruit Cup

Time: 5 Minutes


Pineapple trunks (Your desired amount)

Mandarin orange (Your desired amount)

Yogurt: (Your desired amount)


1. Peel the orange and chop the pineapple into small pieces .

2.  First put the pineapple pieces in the cup.  Then you add the orange pieces.  Finally add the yogurt! (or you can do it the  other way around!) Enjoy.

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