☆Harry Potter’s Owl Familiar ☆(Snack Idea)

Owl Rice Crackers

Hello friends! I am sorry I haven’t updated my posts for a while.  I have been busy with the kids and trying to do some homeschooling with my daughter.  The school year is going to start very soon. However, we decided to keep my daughter home for another couple months due to the Covid 19 cases that continue to rise in my area. It wasn’t an easy decision…😣
I was going to do some stationary design creations for back to school. I don’t know why, but my brain kept telling me No No No…🙄
Anyway I came up with some Harry Potter theme designs. So this week’s snack Idea is  owl rice crackers. An owl named Hedwig is Harry’s familiar. You can make them as an afternoon snack for kids or use as kids’ party foods. Hopefully you like them 🥰

Owl Rice Crackers Recipe


Rice crackers
Mango slice
Cheese slice
Cream cheese

🛠: Tools:

Tweezers, Scissors, Circle cutter, Plates etc.

📽: Tutorial Video ⬇️


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