☆Go With The Flow☆ (Breakfast/Snack Ideas For Kids)

1️⃣Bread with Greek yogurt
(Add honey or maple syrup if desired)
3️⃣Dried dates
4️⃣Fruits : Grapes + Blueberries + Raspberries
🌟(Cut the grapes into quarters for younger children)
5️⃣Goldfish crackers

Hello friends! Happy Friday! It has been really hot these days.Sometimes I just want to jump right into the sea! Haha! I really don’t wanna complain, because I really like the summers in Canada.
Anyway, I made some jellyfish for breakfast ideas or the kids afternoon snacks. The jellyfish’s main ingredient are bread, cheese and Greek yogurt. You can use cream cheese instead of the Greek yogurt if you want. I usually top the bread with Greek yogurt and fruits. It is simple and healthy. Did you know that Greek yogurt has more protein than the regular yogurt? Also less lactose and sugar which is a great choice for our kids’ diet.

🎥 Go With The Flow Food Art

🎨Food Art Ingredients :

Bread: 2 pieces
Greek yogurt: 2 Tablespoons
Spirulina powder: 1/8 teaspoon
Cheese string: 1 piece( I only used half of it)
Nori/Seaweed paper: 1 small piece

Grapes, raspberries,dried dates,blueberries, and Goldfish crackers.

🛠Tools :

Circle cutters (big, small), butter knife, fruit knife, tweezers, emoji puncher, and scissors 

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