☆The Bee’s Garden☆ (Lunchbox Ideas For Kids )

1️⃣ Cream cheese sandwich
2️⃣ Chicken wings
3️⃣ Grapes
4️⃣ Broccoli & Pepper flowers+ Hummus
5️⃣ Sunflower seed butter banana roll ups (🌟Recipe: ⬇️)

Hello friends! I can’t believe that it is August already! I hope everyone is doing well. Back to school season is coming soon. I want to share this easy, quick and nutritious banana roll ups recipe with you. It only takes about 5 minutes to make. You can make it for kids Lunchbox, after school or afternoon snacks. Most schools are nut free, so I chose sunflower seed butter for this recipe.You can use cream cheese or jam if desired. According to some researches, bananas help increase children’s brain power and can also increase their concentration too, So Iets roll!

Have a great day friends!

🐝 The Bee’s Garden Food Art 🌼


🎨Food Art Ingredients:

Cheese slice: 1
Tortilla wrap(10 inches): 1/4 of the wrap
Nori/Seaweed paper: 1 small piece
Blueberries: 2
Dry black bean pasta: 1 stick (break into 2 small pieces).

🌼(Flowers & Bushes)🌿
Sweet bell peppers + Blueberries + Broccoli
Dry pasta stick: 1(break into pieces)


Circle shape cutter, heart shape cutter, flower shape cutters, tweezers, and a small plate…

🌻Recipe: Sunflower Seed Butter Banana Roll Ups🍌

⏰Time: 5 minutes
Makes: About 7 or 8 pieces

Tortilla wrap: 1 (10 inches)
Banana:1 ( Peeled)
Sunflower seed butter: About 2 TBSPS

1. Lay the tortilla wrap on a flat surface and spread the sunflower seed butter on top of the tortilla wrap.

2.Place the banana on the edge of the tortilla wrap and roll firmly. Cut into bite size pieces. Enjoy !

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