☆The Little Puppy ☆ Breakfast Ideas

1️⃣Overnight oatmeal (🌟 Recipe ⬇️)
2️⃣Hard boiled quail eggs
3️⃣Fruits: Blueberries + Cherries

Hello friends! I am back! I spent a bit of downtime with the family…

This week I made some overnight oatmeal for some new breakfast ideas. I used very basic ingredients.  I used milk ,rolled oats, yogurt, chia seeds and fruits. I just love chia seeds using in the oatmeal because it makes it more creamy and yummy. You can use almond milk or coconut milk and your desired toppings.
I hope you like my little pup 🐶!  Have an awesome day 🥰.

🐶 The Little Puppy Food Art

🎨Food Art Ingredients:
Bread: 2 pieces
Apple: 1 small piece
Blueberries: 3
Ground flaxseed: About 4 or 5 teaspoons
Oatmeal: A small cup

🛠 Food Art Tools:
Scissors ,Tweezers, Fruit pick, Circle cutter, Fruit knife, Plates etc.

🥣Recipe: Easy Overnight Oatmeal

⏰Time:About 8 or 9 hours (Prep: About 5 minutes)
🥛Makes: About 2 or 3 servings

Milk : 1 cup
Rolled oats: 2/3 cup
Greek yogurt: 2/3 cup
Chia seeds: 2 tablespoons
Maple syrup/ Honey: 2 tablespoons

1. Add all the ingredients in a large measuring cup or bowl and mix well.

2. Covering with a plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge overnight.

3. Pour the oatmeal in a cup or little bowl. Top with your favorite toppings  ( Fruits/Seeds/Nuts). Enjoy!

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