☆Butterfly Rice Crackers ☆ Snack Idea For Kids

Hello friends! Today I used grapes to make butterflies. They are very easy to make, you can also make them with your kids. This snack is great for kids parties and kids play dates.

Grapes are sweet and delicious! They hydrate our kids and help regulate their bowel movements. They are also a high source of potassium and other vitamins and minerals which are great for our active children.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that you cut the grapes lengthwise or cut them into quarters before serving for children under 5.

Recipe:Butterfly Rice Crackers
Rice cracker: 1 piece
Cream cheese : about 1 teaspoon
Thompson raisin: 1
Grapes: 1 bigger grape + 1 smaller grape
Candy eyes : 2 pieces

Fruit knife
Butter knife

How to make it?⬇️

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