☆ Summer ☆ Breakfast Idea For Kids

1️⃣Yogurt + Avocado + Nuts + Seeds + Dried fruits
2️⃣ Multigrain bread with apricot jam bites
3️⃣Fruity water (🌟Recipe)

Hello friends! I made the summer themed breakfast for my daughter. She loves feeding ducks and birds by a pond near to our home. This is the one of her favorite things to do during the summer. We saw a duck family last week, so I decided to make it. It may seem it would be a bit difficult to make it, but if you have a duck shape cutter it would make things easier. I actually used my daughter’s play dough cutter for mommy duck. 😂. On the video you can see I had to press it hard to cut the shape out of the tortilla .  You can also use corn tortilla for the ducklings. I totally I forgot that I had one pack in the freezer. If you have corn tortillas then you can skip the painting part.
For breakfast, I made fruity water to go with the meal. You can make a big jar of it and put it in the fridge and your family can drink it on hot days. You can put your favorite fruits in it, I added some chia seeds to it. I love that the chia seeds become blobby after soaking in the water.  It looks so fun. They also provide fiber,Omega 3 fatty acids and  are rich in antioxidants! So mommies let’s drink up! 🍶. The fruity water is great for kids parties too, or after a big meal. I love it after a big meal because it is so refreshing and cleans my palate.
The food art tutorial and the fruity water recipe are below. Enjoy your summer 😁!

The food art tutorial and the fruity water recipe are below. Enjoy your summer 😁!

Food Art Ingredients:
Tortilla:1 Sheet
Food coloring:Curcumin powder 1/2 TSP + Yogurt 1/2 TSP
Yogurt: 3 TBSPS
Mixed nuts/Seeds/Dried fruits: 1 TBSP
Raisins: 1 TBSP
Dry pasta : 1 Stick
Avocado: 1
Dried dates ( Medjool dates) : 2 ( halved and pitted)

Food Art Tools:
Duck shape cutters
A little plate
A brush
A knife
Edible ink marker: black
Food Art Tutorial ⬇️

🌟RECIPE: Fruity Water

Chia seeds : 1 TBSP
Mango cubes(frozen or fresh) : 1/3 Cup
Passion fruit seeds: 1 TBSP
A pitcher of water
Maple syrup: 2 TBSPS (Optional)
Mint leaves (Optional)

Add chia seeds, mango cubes, and passion fruit seeds to the pitcher.

Pour water into the pitcher and add maple syrup or mints leaves if desired. Mix well. Enjoy!

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