☆Doraemon☆*Lunchbox Ideas For Kids *

1️⃣Egg omelette
2️⃣Simple boiled broccoli
4️⃣Veggie chips
6️⃣Steamed rice

Hello friends! Today, I made Doraemon! He is a blue cat-like robot from 22nd century, who was sent back to 20th century to help Nobita. Doreamon is one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters. The first time I found out about him was when I went to my Aunt’s home with my Grandma. My Aunt’s house was so boring and we didn’t know anyone. We stayed there for a long time, pretty much like our quarantine life now😂. So watching TV was the only thing I could do to avoid being bored! That is when Doraemon came to my life. How I wished that I had a pet like Doraemon! He has a magic pocket on his tummy which he can take out many cool and useful tools. You can time travel with him, fly with him, and he can help you with your problems. He fulfilled my childhood imaginary dream and although I haven’t watched this cartoon for a long time, I smile every time  I see him,  It is just like seeing an old friend. 

Who is your favorite childhood cartoon character? Comment below 😜

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