☆ Baa Baa Baa☆Lunchbox Ideas For Kids

1️⃣Sesame salmon floss rice balls
2️⃣Oven baked chicken bites
3️⃣Edamame 🌟
4️⃣Cheese sticks
5️⃣Medjool dates
7️⃣Wholegrain cheerios

Hello friends! Yesterday I made some Japanese style rice balls with sesame salmon floss filling. You can put any filling you like in the rice balls.  You can use chicken or beef and you can add different veggies too. You can just chop them into small pieces and then wrap them in the rice balls. I made sheep rice balls. It’s funny that my daughter refused to eat them. She said she felt bad for the sheep.😂 

🌟Star Of The Day ->Edamame
(Health benefits)
1️⃣Improves bone health.
2️⃣Provents diabetes.
3️⃣Provents anemia.
4️⃣Protects the heart.
5️⃣Repairs skin.

Food Art Video ⬇️


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