^Breakfast Ideas For Kids ^+ Food Art Video

☆P Is For Paper & Pencil ☆

1️⃣Fried egg
2️⃣Whole wheat bread with cheese
3️⃣Fruits (Strawberries + Green apple )

Hello friends! Happy,Happy Wednesday! Smile, the week is half over! I am continuing my alphabet theme. Today is letter P theme. Actually, I didn’t know really what to make.  Luckily I saw my Japanese Tamago(egg sushi) pan and it is shaped like a piece of paper,💡Bingo, So I fried eggs in the pan to make my “P” is for paper😁. I used whole wheat bread and cheese for the pencil and decorated with strawberry, bread crust and Nori. Hope you like my ideas today, have an A+ day!

Food Art Details ⬇️


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