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☆O Is For Ox☆

1️⃣Maple balsamic pork
2️⃣Garlic flavor spinach
3️⃣Corn on the cob with butter
4️⃣Steamed rice/ Mashed potatoes

Hello friends! I just tried to make my first video of making food art and I am sad to say it did not go well. If you ever have a question please let me know. I am always happy to help. I have some friends that asked me how I get the the rice to stick together. I usually use plastic wrap to shape the rice. Another essential ingredient you need for food art is NORI!(Seaweed paper). You will need it for your food art character’s facial features etc… I can’t live without my Nori. You can also get a seaweed stamp. It will help you out for the small details.
I made Maple Balsamic Pork for dinner couple times already. I just wanted to try something different.This recipe is awesome!The second time I used pre-cut pork soup/stewing cubes. I like pork tenderloin better.I followed her recipe for the most of the part, but I had to use red onion instead of shallots because I didn’t have shallots at home, I also skipped the cayenne pepper. It still turned out great! It is great for busy weekdays as you can marinate the pork in the fridge overnight and then throw it in the oven the next day. You can make a simple salad or mashed/baked potatoes to pair with it. My daughter loves rice, so I make rice. My husband said that it was best pork tenderloin that he has had in a long time! So try it.
Here is the recipe link:

Food Art Video ⬇️


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