Lunchbox Ideas For Kids

☆N Is For Nest☆
^Lunchbox Ideas For Kids^
1️⃣Buttered spaghetti
2️⃣quail eggs
3️⃣Bocconcini skewers + Dipping sauce
4️⃣Leftover pizza bites
Happy Fri-yay, everyone! Today I made a bird’s nest with colored quail eggs for my alphabetic theme. I tried to film the food art process, however it was a mess. Next time I will make sure to prepare before hand. So, I will just tell you how I made them.  Actually it is very easy and you can make them ahead  of time too. First, boil the quail eggs and when cool peel them. Then using a mug or a tall cup add about 1 or 2 teaspoons of turmeric/spirulina powder and pour hot water in the cup. Finally, put the quail eggs in the mixture. Let the eggs sit until they reach the desired colors.  Eggs in the turmeric mixture will be yellow and eggs in spirulina mixture will be blue. You can also leave the eggs in the refrigerator overnight. The longer the better. After the eggs are the desired color, place them on the nest(spaghetti). Hopefully, your kids like this idea.
Also I want to talk about bocconcini skewers. I usually make them for party as a snack food. They are versatile and easy to prepare. You can just pick some veggies you like and thread them with bocconcini on skewers.You can them serve with balsamic vinegar as a dipping sauce.
Hope you like my ideas, have a great weekend .

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