☆CNY Special☆^Lunchbox Ideas For Kids ^+ Recipe & Food Art Details

☆CNY Special☆Dynamite
^Lunchbox Idea For Kids ^

1️⃣Mini chicken hummus wrap
3️⃣Veggies: Snap peas & Carrot sticks + Ranch dip
4️⃣Fruit: Mini mandarin orange
5️⃣Leftover stir-fried noodles with shrimp and Veggies

RECIPE:Mini Chicken Hummus Wrap

1 Mini tomato tortilla ( Or your favorite tortillas)
Roasted garlic hummus
Your favorite toppings ( Think:Veggies + Meats+ Fruits + Seeds)
(I used Shredded chicken, cucumber slices, Shredded lettuce )

1.Lay your tortilla out on a plate.
2.Spread a layer of roasted garlic hummus over the tortilla.
3.Add your favorite toppings.
4.Wrap burrito-style .

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