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Sushi rolls ( Salmon & Sweet potato patty + Sushi rice)

Broad beans @badabeansnacks


Cherry tomatoes

Supplements:Omega3 gummies +Multivitamin gummy
Correction for the second image, ingredients for squirrel are Pancakes + Peabutter(Brown peas)+ Bread + Nori

Today , I used the leftover salmon and the sweet potatoe patties for sushi rolls. The vinegary and sweet rice combination taste great together.
I want to thank @badabeansnacks for the yummy snacks they sent to me. My family and I really loved them. It was such a treat, and brought back the wonderful memories of when I was little and I would have roasted broad beans for snack . They are plant based, vegan friendly, non-gmo and also packed  an excellent source of protein. It is a very healthy snack for you and your family. They also offered many flavors, go to their page @badabeansnacks to check it out .

Instagram page link:https://www.instagram.com/p/B59B16uFQtI/?igshid=188tqkkq31ul

Food Art Details:

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