☆Choo Choo Train☆

^ Lunchbox Ideas for Kids^

Turkey meatballs + Steamed rice

Hard boiled quail eggs

Sweet peppers + Cheese

Blueberries +
Yogurt fruit dip(1Tablespoon greek yogurt+1Teaspoon honey +1/2 Teaspoon lemon juice)

💁‍♀️Star of the Day ⭐Quail Eggs⭐
Some of the quail egg benefits for children include providing cough and asthma remedy, a natural dietary source for vitamins and minerals, helps in the formation of new blood cells, reduces chances of terminal illness and improves immunity and memory. Moreover, quail eggs are considered as a healthy alternative for children who are allergic to chicken eggs.

Quail egg is considered as a miracle food for growth and development of children of any age. Unlike regular chicken eggs, the quail eggs show lower risk pertaining to allergies and thus it is a much safer alternative.

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