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^Lunch/Dinner Ideas for Kids/Family ^

Braised tofu with fish fillets and veggies
(Broccoli +Cauliflower +Carrots +Mushrooms)

Steamed black rice


💁‍♀️Star of The Day⭐Tofu⭐

Why Tofu is Healthy for Kids?

There’s a lot of sensation around soy in the world of food and health. Some shy away from this legume and the products made from it, because they’ve heard that it’s harmful to eat it or serve to kids.

But the reality of soy and health is basically all positive. In fact, the most current research about soy products lfinds that this plant protein really does provide health benefits like improved cholesterol, blood pressure, and even improved bone and brain health.

In addition to being protein-packed, tofu contains nutrients that are important for growing bodies, like calcium, selenium, and iron.

The key to choosing healthy soy products is to look for ones that are minimally-processed, like soy milk, edamame beans, and–yep–tofu! So pick up a carton and get cooking.”
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Braised tofu with fish fillets recipe was inspired by:

This cute bat idea was inspired by @lauresillus (Instagram)

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